Bitcoin Anonymizer

Bitcoin Anonymizer

Enter a list of bitcoin addresses where you would like to receive your new and anonymized bitcoins

Randomized fee

A low randomized fee between 1.9% and 2.1% is used to prevent advanced amount-based blockchain analysis.

Multiple destination addresses

Add more complexity and make blockchain analysis harder by using several destination addresses for your new coins.


Transactions are accepted after 2 confirmations (around 20 minutes), if no randomized delay is set your new bitcoins will be sent to you instantly.

Randomized delay

A randomized delay of up to 2 hours can be used to prevent advanced time-based blockchain analysis.

Many transactions in and out

Anonymizer supports receiving more than one transaction to your anonymizer address. Option to send as one or in many transactions per destination address.

No logs are saved

Logs and database entries older than 10 days are automatically deleted.